Discover New Business with Wishlist

Wishlist partners with experience providers nationwide to help them reach new customers and grow their businesses.

Wishlist is an experience-based gifting company that calls Denver home. We believe that experiences make the best gifts and partner with vendors and suppliers across the country who share our mission.

Start for Free

There’s no upfront cost to be a Wishlist vendor. We simply take a commission when someone books an experience with you.

Corporate Sales

We work with small & large companies nationwide who use our experiences for employee recognition programs and corporate gifts.

Reach New Clients

Wishlist recipients often redeem for experiences they wouldn’t have considered otherwise, meaning you get exposure to new clientele.

Process Bookings Easily

We book directly with you and pay by credit card at the time of booking. So you and your team can focus on providing unique, high-quality experiences

  • We have been a partner of Wishlist for over two years now. Wishlist consistently brings us 3-5 new clients every week. Wishlist brings us customers that are the right demographic and are not ‘deal shoppers’.  I would recommend any small business use Wishlist as a way to gain exposure to new clients.

    - Moyer Total Wellness

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