Top Places to Work in Denver 2016

Every year we round up the top companies to work for both in Denver and Boulder. This year we’re proud to present the Top Places to Work in Denver 2016. Each of the following companies pair creative insight, innovation, and hard work with employee benefits that keep their workforces happy and thriving.




Top Places to Work in Denver 2016

What they do: This Denver-based business offers user-friendly audio and web conferencing services to ease small and large online events. They also offer training, collaboration and webinars to their clients, so meetings can function seamlessly every time.

What makes them awesome: ReadyTalk has built a strong corporate culture into their day-to-day dealings. With occasional Nerf Dart wars, Scrabble boards, Hula Hoops, Jenga, ping-pong and portable putting greens, ReadyTalk encourages creativity with room for in-office play. They also have a “Nerd Lounge” complete with a Nintendo Wii, and an X-box 360. If that wasn’t enough, ReadyTalk also offers its employees in-office beer kegs, weekly yoga classes and massages, a mentorship program, reimbursement for professional association membership fees, paid networking events, seminars, $5,000 annual tuition assistance, and finally, 20 hours of paid volunteer time per year with matched employee donations up to $500 annually. How do they recognize employees on their employment anniversaries? Wishlist experiences!




What they do: Convercent provides improves corporate compliance through the industry’s first intelligent dashboard. With Convercent, companies can build an integrated suite to manage company policies, track employee education, streamline case management, and align employee behavior with corporate values.

What makes them awesome: Convercent puts an emphasis on company culture with benefits like unlimited paid time off, and paid holidays effective immediately upon hire. Also included: a dog-friendly office, $100 monthly contribution to a wellness savings account for every teammate, a casual work environment, free parking and Ecopass, cell phone reimbursement, a 401(k) plan, stock options, and 12 weeks of 100% paid maternity leave, and 4 weeks of 100% paid paternity leave. Also included, is a kitchen stocked with fresh fruit, tons of snacks and drinks, a coffee and espresso bar and a kegerator.




Top Places to Work in Denver 2016

What they do: Zenplanner provides fitness-related business with easy-to-use software and tools for membership management, scheduling and integrated payment processing. They also provide automated email options, and website templates to help business stay connected with their customers.

What makes them awesome: Zenplanner has incorporated perks that ensure a strong team, and a happy workforce. With benefits like team participation in local runs, CoEd softball teams, ping-pong tournaments, book clubs, fantasy football and final four teams, and annual ski and camping trips employees do more than just work together. Also awesome, are their happy hour Fridays, casual dress code, group fitness classes, catered team lunches, grill and outdoor patio, “Drink and Think” happy hours for ongoing training, unlimited fresh fruit and snacks, indoor bike parking, showers and personal locker space, and a kid’s playroom complete with an Xbox, Halo, Nerf guns, and more.



What they do: Formerly known as ZenPayroll, Gusto provides payroll services, health benefits, and compliance in one integrated product. Their main focus is providing HR services that enable companies to put people first.

What makes them awesome: Gusto offers employees some of the coolest perks possible. On his or her one-year anniversary every employee gets a free flight to anywhere in the world. On top of their fly-away perk, employees also get comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage, parental leave complete with paid leave, meal delivery and house cleanings, a stocked office kitchen, an open vacation policy, a fitness stipend to keep employees healthy, and commuter benefits.




Top Places to Work in Denver 2016

What they do: Parkifi, as their name suggests, is changing the way we park. With real-time monitors, drivers can see what garage, on-street, and surface lot parking is open near them. Parkifi helps drivers to park faster, and provides monitoring options for owners.

What makes them awesome: Parkifi keeps its employees happy with killer benefits like employee sponsored lunches, a beer fridge, a well-stocked community kitchen, an entire room for ping-pong, foosball, and Xbox, and a rented co-working space in Frisco, so employees can take a half-day to ski. Also included, are stock options, unlimited paid time off, ten paid holidays, $100 monthly wellness stipend per employee, company-paid valet parking, or a light rail pass, and $100 monthly cell phone allowance. Not to mention, their generous medical benefits that start on day one.



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