Access Wishlist Rewards in the #1 chat tool for business. Make rewards & recognition a social matter within your organization.

User features.


Share your experiences:

Share your Wishlist experience by uploading videos and photos of the experience to the Slack channel.

View your rewards:

If you want to check in on your unredeemed or redeemed rewards, simply use the /giftlookup command to get a list.

Admin features.

As an administrator of your company’s Wishlist account, you can perform a series of commands to help you manage your Wishlist program in slack.

Help at your fingertips:

If you forget what the Slack integration offers, our /wishlisthelp command will remind you what you can do.

Check your Wishlist balance:

Want to easy access your account balance? Simply use the /wishlistbalance command to check the balance on hand.

See upcoming celebrations:

In using our /celebrations command, you’ll be able to see what birthdays and work anniversaries are coming up.

Receive thank you notes:

All personalized thank you notes will be automatically delivered to the sender in their direct messages.  

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