A fun & simple way to manage your rewards and recognition strategy.

Reward great performance and automate gifting with our platform.

Wishlist’s platform empowers companies to reward great employee performance and automates tedious tasks like reporting, budgeting, and recurring rewards.

  • Awesome Rewards
  • Tax Compliant Reporting
  • HRIS Integration
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Central Admin Account
  • Multiple Sender Accounts
  • Customizable roles and permissions
  • Assign Rewards Budgets to Managers
  • Add Personalized and Branded Messages to Rewards
  • Tagging Features (Core Values, KPIs, Employee of the Month)
  • Slack Integration

Manage an impactful spot rewards strategy.

Simply log on to Wishlist, select a recipient and reward amount, add a congratulatory note and your employee will receive their Wishlist.

Deploy an automated rewards strategy.

Our dedicated account managers will work with you to develop a custom anniversary program. Simply select the years you want to recognize, a gift amount for each year, and what you would like to say. We will set up the HRIS integration and our platform will automatically send rewards when your employees reach their anniversary.

Keep pulse of how Wishlist is being used in your organization with our robust reporting feature.

With automated reports, data visualization, and custom reporting features, you’ll always know how rewards are being used in your organization.

…because a hot air balloon ride and a trip to Italy is better than something that collects dust on a shelf.

Give your employees something to remember. Wishlist empowers your managers to reward great performance with memorable experiences.

Ready to see Wishlist in action?