With Wishlist, you’ll manage your rewards program in a single powerful platform.

Automate recurring rewards like work anniversaries.

Never forget a work anniversary or birthday again. Our HRIS integration allows you to automate rewards for every anniversary or benchmark without ever having to lift a finger.

Reward great performance like exceeding quotas or embodying core values.

With multiple sender accounts, each manager can simply log on to Wishlist, choose a reward amount and recipient, click send, and Wishlist will take care of the rest. Spot rewards made simple.

Wishlist is built to elevate your team’s performance.

  • Diverse Rewards Marketplace
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • HRIS + Slack Integrations
  • Add Personalized and Branded Messages
  • Tax Compliant Reporting
  • Multiple Administrative Accounts
  • Approval + Tagging Features

Simply reward and we’ll take care of the rest.

Background tasks like tracking, budgeting, and scheduling are automated. So go ahead, focus on other tasks (or take a break.. you deserve it).

…because a hot air balloon ride and a trip to Italy is better than something that collects dust on a shelf.

Give your employees something to remember. Wishlist empowers your managers to reward great performance with memorable experiences.

Ready to see Wishlist in action?