“I used my Wishlist to take my boyfriend to the Steamboat Inn for an early “surprise Christmas”

Hyde Engineering + Consulting, Company Anniversary – 2 Night Stay for Two in Steamboat

I used my Wishlist to take my boyfriend to the Steamboat Inn for an early “surprise Christmas” since we weren’t able to spend the holiday together. The Steamboat Inn is a hidden gem that I would have never found on my own. The Inn had fresh baked cookies at check-in and the staff were friendly and accommodating. The common areas are cozy and the Steamboat Inn felt like we had rented a personal log cabin for the weekend. 

Our room was spacious and there was a bottle of wine waiting for us when we entered (thanks for that!) Once we checked in, I sent him to grab beer from the store while I unpacked a suitcase of Christmas crap (he had no idea). When he came back, the room was decorated, a miniature tree had been assembled, stockings were hung and there were presents to unwrap. The surprise wouldn’t have been as good in an ordinary hotel room, but the atmosphere at the Steamboat Inn truly helped spread some Christmas cheer. The toiletries were great, the soap felt hand-made,the shampoo and conditioner seemed high-quality, and the entire experience was a breath of fresh air compared to corporate hotel accommodations. The Inn is conveniently located near the ski lifts at Steamboat and the concierge shuttle was extremely easy to use. We were able to enjoy hassle-free skiing with easy drop-off and pick-up which made for a perfect care-free ski weekend. Thanks Wishlist for helping me score big points in my relationship, lol.

If your company had not sent you on this experience, would you have done it otherwise? What made you choose this particular activity?

Yes and no. My boyfriend and I did a separate Ski weekend in Steamboat and stayed at the Quality Inn. The shuttle was “broken” and overall it was a mediocre experience. Wishlist’s choice of the Steamboat Inn made a world of difference.

How does this experience (or any of the other Wishlist experiences you’ve received) make you feel about your company, the culture and the work you do with them?

I was very appreciative of this experience and am thankful that my company and Wishlist were able to provide this for me. Hopefully I haven’t set the bar too high for next year!

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